Poetry/Short Story Competition

This year a Poetry and Short Story competition was held with the theme - Life in Lockdown .

 There were many entries in several different age groups and the winners are listed below.

Well done to all who entered. 

Poetry Competition age 4- 6

Highly Commended -  Ruby Cording

Poetry Competition Age 7 - 10

1st –Jessica Zybura

2nd - Ruby Samuel

3rd – Emma - Leigh Smith

Highly Commended – Rose Cording

Highly Commended  - Zac Hoare

Highly Commended  - Isabella Jordan 

 Poetry Competition Age 11 - 17 

1st - Jennifer Younger

2nd - Emily Brown

3rd - Ffion Samuel 



Poetry Competiton Seniors

1st - Ina Carney

2nd - Sandra Fletcher

3rd -  Mary Calway

Short Story Competition Seniors

 Highly Commended - Anne Marie Miles