Art Competition Results

Published: 26 May 2021

The theme was a day I am looking forward to….

Llantarnam Grange judged the competition for us and the winners were :


1st – Ypapanti Galimitakis age 12

Ypapanti’s was looking forward to “ the day she sees her sister and family ”

2nd – Hailie-May Elizabeth Rose aged 11 from Cwmbran

3rd – Maddie Jenkins aged 14 from Pontypool

Maddie’s was “looking forward to walking through Pontypool Park with her friends again”


1st – Professor Michael Kelleher from Pontypool

Michael’s entry was entitled “ seeing and breathing peace”

2nd – Kate Evans from Pontypool

Kate’s entry was entitled “piece by piece”.

3rd – Kim Price from Pontypool

Kim is looking forward to travelling to India to visit the elephants.